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2021 Judges' Choice Awards

Our 12 Judges were asked to each choose their "favorite videos."

Congratulations, students and teachers!

Judge 1: Richard Woo

Emmy Zhang, student of Nancy Modell

Pagodas in the Mist by Alexander, Level 1


Ronak Shah, student of Victoria Chow

Invention in Bb Major by Bach, Level 8

Spencer Huang, student of Victoria Chow

Scotch Poem by MacDowell, Level 8

Elleonai Ababa, student of Megan Hofreiter

Summer Night Jazz by Mier, Level 3

Judge 2: Chang Liu

Oliver Que, student of Svetlana Zelov

Journey’s End by Eugenie Rocherolle, Level 7


Judge 3: Bethanne Johnson

Prerna Shankar, student of Carol Zeh

Emerald Sea by Brown, Level 6


Judge 4: Megan Hofreiter

Andrew Khislavskiy, student of Svetlana Zelov 

Storm Chasers by Olson, Level 6


Judge 5: Jason Gallagher

Jessica Ehee, student of Victoria Chow

River City Blues by Mier, Level 5


Judge 6: Betty Stoloff

Elise Meng, student of Diane Gittleman

Sonata in D minor by Soler, Level 7


Judge 7: Fiorella Araya-Cheng

Bryan Wu, student of Victoria Chow

An Evening in Paris by Mier, Level 3


Judge 8: Ikumi Hiraiwa

Clara Shin, student of Victoria Chow

Rustles of Spring by Sinding, Level 8


Judge 9: Agnes Poltorak

Alejandro Rodriguez, student of Megan Hofreiter

At a Dude Ranch by Mier, Level 2


Judge 10: Kristin Cahill

Charlotte Rosof, student of Mary Elizabeth Latorre

Prelude by Pinto, Level 2


Judge 11: Fang-Ting Liu

Ethen Hong, student of Richard Woo

Atacama Desert by Rossi, Level 3


Judge 12: Yuka Yanagi

Renee You, student of Debra Wiggins

Storm Chasers by Olson, Level 6

Sunayna Shah, student of Victoria Chow

Evening in the Meadow by Rebikov, Level 4

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