The PTF offers monthly workshops, lectures, and demonstrations given by renowned presenters. Our programs address a variety of topics such as pedagogy, technique, performance psychology, historical and stylistic considerations, jazz, improvisation, and studio management. Programs are held the first Friday of each month, October through May, and will begin at 9:45AM (unless otherwise noted).

PTF Program Calendar 2021-2022

Meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month, October through May. All programs will begin at 9:45AM (coffee at 9:15AM), unless otherwise noted. We are planning to meet in person at Jacobs’ new location in Princeton, located in the Windsor Green Shopping Center (3495 US 1 S, Princeton, NJ 08540). We will continue to broadcast programs via Zoom for those who wish to attend virtually.


October 1, 2021

Syllabus Meeting

Jason Gallagher and the Syllabus Committee


Begins at 9:15AM sharp. Members of the Piano Teachers Forum will present all selections

from our 2021 Festival Syllabus,, Scenes from Childhood.



November 5, 2021

"Solving Technical Complexities in Piano Repertoire"

Sondra Tammam


This session will explore technical challenges and solutions, ranging from basic foundations of a pentascale and shaping phrases in elementary pieces to grouping note patterns, and the skills necessary for arpeggios and faster tempi at the sonatina level and beyond. We will look at various excerpts from the repertoire and discuss technical aspects. Members are invited to submit pieces they would like Ms. Tammam to work on from the PTF Spring Festival Syllabus. Please send requests to by October 15th.



December 3, 2021

Play More to Play Better: Building Musicianship Through Games - presented on Zoom

Joy Morin


Let's talk music games! When concepts and skills are brought into new contexts, deeper learning results. And learning is always more effective when having fun! During this session, Joy Morin will discuss how games can be used to improve the quality of our instruction as music teachers. Learn how to select (or create) games that will both entertain and develop important musicianship skills important to your unique teaching philosophy. Connecting with students in playful, fun-loving ways not only makes learning memorable, but also motivating, empowering, and exciting.



January 7, 2022 - OPEN FORUM

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It: The Importance of Language in Teaching

Jason Gallagher and Kristen Todd


Feedback is arguably the most crucial part of our teaching. But how does the way we phrase our responses help or hinder our students' progress? This year's open forum will be an interactive discussion on how we communicate with our students. The discussion leaders will look into what top professionals in our field have to say about communicating with children, and members will share best tips and strategies for delivering in-lesson critiques. Then, for the interactive portion, we will have "student" performances (presented by PTF members) and take turns giving the performers feedback and critiquing our critiques. Join us for a fun session as we explore the old cliche: "It's not what you say, it's how you say it."



February 4, 2022

Level Up: How to Keep Technique Relevant and Accessible for All Students  

Victoria Chow


This session will focus on how to teach and build upon technical exercises in a fun way from the very first lesson. We will explore the importance of technique and fun ways in which students can build strong fingers in tandem with artistry and musicianship.



March 4, 2022

Teaching Piano Improvisation - presented on Zoom

Noam Sivan 

Learning to improvise enables us to develop compositional thinking, deepen our relationship to playing the piano, acquire harmonic fluency, and build confidence in interpretation and performance. Far from being a mysterious process, the study of improvisation can be methodical, gradual, logical, and rewarding. In this lecture Noam Sivan will introduce several starting points for teaching piano improvisation. Those can be based on musical parameters, such as melody, harmony, texture, and form, or on specific musical styles, from baroque to the present day. Also important is the appropriate pedagogical environment, so students will experience joy and success while being creative.  



March 12, 2022 - Spring Festival



April 1, 2022

Bach Sinfonias: Basic Elements of Baroque Style and Suggestions for Practice

Charl Louw

This lecture recital will explore interpretive elements of contrapuntal Baroque repertoire through an exploration of selections from Bach's Sinfonias. The session will include a discussion of teaching, practicing and performance strategies.



May 6, 2022

Brainstorming/Voting for programs in 2022-2023


In this session we will focus together to plan what all of us would like our next year's programs to be. Share your feelings and thoughts so that your voice is an active part of our Forum. Your vote is important and needed to ensure that a wide variety of perspectives is included. All of us together make the Forum work.