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We are excited to announce PTF’s fourth annual Composer Showcase, taking place this Spring 2024.

Composer Showcase will be its own event featuring the blue-ribbon original compositions.

We hope you will consider submitting student compositions for this exciting PTF event!


Students will submit an audio file of their performance of their original piano compositions on the theme of Flying. The polished performance may be memorized or performed with the score. The piano compositions may be a piano solo, duet, duo, a song with sung lyrics, or compositions that include another instrument(s).
Students who can read will notate their music and submit their score by either handwriting their score or using a notation software (Noteflight and Finale Notepad have free versions); students who are non-readers (or beginners) will express their composition in their own way, even if it is not in standard notation such as a graph/chart, or a drawing of the sections of their piece.  




  • Active PTF members may submit an unlimited number of students.    

  • Fees are non-refundable and the entry fee is $35.

  • Teachers or parents may upload an unlisted YouTube link (*see below*), along with scans of the notated score, graph, or chart.

  • Teachers or parents may complete the online registration.

  • Recording on acoustic instruments is preferred, but digital pianos are acceptable.

  • Please register here:





  • All entrants will receive written comments on their original composition to use with their teacher for further study. 

  • All participants will also receive a Certificate of Participation and attached ribbons.

  • Students will be invited to participate in the in-person Composer Showcase recital.  



Live performances at the Composer Showcase must meet the following criteria:

  • Students bow before and after the performance of their original composition.

  • Students wear recital-appropriate dress clothes (no jeans, sneakers, hoodies, or hats).


  • YouTube videos should be AUDIO ONLY of a polished performance of the piece or a sound file of a live performance converted into a format compatible with YouTube.

  • Videos should be unlisted, with comments disabled. The account owner should be either anonymous or the entrant/parent.

  • Videos should be an accurate representation of the PDF score.

  • Videos should be labeled with only the title of the composition. Additional information, including the student or teacher's name, should not be included as part of the title.



Follow these directions to upload your completed video to an unlisted YouTube file. You can do this through the YouTube App or on a computer.

  • Go to and sign in. If you don’t already have an account, create one. It can be easily linked to a Gmail account.

  • Click the “upload” button at the top.

  • Either click on the “Select files to upload” box and select your video file from your device or drag/drop your video file into the box.

  • In the “Basic Info” screen, enter the appropriate title with the Student’s Name in the box where the filename appears.

  • In the box below the title, enter the name of the piece being recorded.

  • Click the box that indicates the video is appropriate for children under 18.

  • Change the privacy setting from “Public” to “Unlisted.”

  • Click “Done.”

  • When the video is finished, copy the URL and paste it into your registration. 

Please upload your AUDIO file here:


Participating in this event grants permission for audition videos to be heard by an adjudicator for evaluation purposes.

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